Software Collections

Analog Expert Software and Tools

Extensive selection of software development tools for analog devices from NXP and our partners.

Automotive Software Tools

Broad range of automotive software tools for helping you to simplify and shorten the time required to build ECUs.

Digital Signal Controllers Developer Resources

Find the right software and tools to help simplify digital signal controllers (DSC) designs.

i.MX Developer Resources

The essential tools to get stated developing with i.MX Applications Processors

Microcontroller Developer Resources

Comprehensive development solutions software and tools for general purpose, crossover and Bluetooth-enabled MCUs.

QorIQ® Developer Resources

Tool suites for developers and architects targeting NXP processors including the Arm-based Layerscape family.

RFID Developer Resources

From the workbench to production, see all our developing tools that will speed up your prototyping process.

Sensor Toolbox

Complete ecosystem for product development encompassing a wide spectrum of sensor evaluation hardware and software.

Software Downloads by Products

Quick links to the complete list of software downloads by product categories.

Software Categories

Development Software

Find the basic development blocks for your NXP product: IDEs, SDKs and some useful code generation tools.

Embedded Application Software

NXP supplies software delivering key functions or complete solutions for various applications. The software helps accelerate time to market and demonstrates how to use NXP processors and their integrated features.

Embedded Software

Find drivers and BSPs, different NXP-compatible embedded operating systems, libraries and code snippets that will help you accelerate your embedded application development time.

Featured IDEs

CodeWarrior Suites

Provides a visual and automated framework to accelerate development of the more complex embedded applications.

MCUXpresso IDE

Supports general purpose, crossover and Bluetooth-enabled MCUs.

S32 Design Studio IDE

A complimentary straightforward development tool based on open-source software, with no code-size limitations that enable editing, compiling and debugging.

Featured SDKs

IoT Sensor SDK

Embedded software framework for the Sensor Toolbox ecosystem enabling NXP's digital and analog sensors platforms for IoT applications.

Layerscape SDK

Supports Arm-based QorIQ Layerscape processors.

Linux SDK for QorIQ

Supports QorIQ processors based on Power Architecture and Arm CPUs (Layerscape).

MCUXpresso SDK

Supports general purpose, crossover and Bluetooth-enabled MCUs.


Supports NFC products such as MIFARE and NTAG® Smart Sensors.

S32 Software Development Kit

Helps simplify and accelerate application development on several S32 systems on chips (SOCs).

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