IoT Sensing Software Development Kit (ISSDK): Embedded Software Framework


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ISSDK "Layer Cake" Architecture

ISSDK "Layer Cake" Architecture


System Features

  • Enables rapid prototyping and production applications using NXP sensors.
  • Provides NXP’s sensor register definitions, register access interfaces and sensor level multiple register read/write interfaces.
  • Enables easy porting across broad range of NXP’s Arm Cortex M based Microcontrollers by using Arm CMSIS Driver APIs.
  • Leverages MCUXpresso SDK (Kinetis, LPC and i.MX SDK) drivers and release infrastructure.
  • Provides out-of-box examples and reference software demonstrating configuration and usage of sensors in various supported modes along with application examples using NXP’s sensors.
  • Supports multiple toolchains: MCUXpresso, IAR, KEIL MDK, Arm GCC.
  • Provides bare metal and FreeRTOS based reference examples using NXP’s sensors.
  • Provides reference algorithm examples, libraries and interfaces to access algorithms like sensor fusion and pedometer.
  • Supports sensor data visualization and data analysis using STB-CE software.
  • Supports multiple toolchains
    • MCUXpresso
    • IAR
    • KEIL MDK
    • Arm GCC
    • *For additional Toolchain support contact factory
  • Additional development tools to assist, MCUXpresso Software and Tools.


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