Our collective and individual expertise differentiates us in the marketplace, and enables us to create innovative solutions to advance a more sustainable world.

To progress on our sustainability journey, we work collaboratively across the company and with our customers, suppliers, other partners, and stakeholders.

We take ownership and hold ourselves accountable to our environmental, social, and governance goals, including achieving carbon neutrality by 2035. As further demonstration of our commitment, we incorporated sustainability goals into our Annual Incentive Plan.

What's more, we recognize that, to leverage our team's passion and winning spirit as we work toward our goals, we must ensure meaningful opportunities for growth and sustainable development.

From automotive to industrial, smart home to smart city, mobile to communications infrastructure, we develop innovative solutions to address major global needs. Just a few examples of solutions NXP announced in 2022 include our:

In addition to our breakthrough technologies, we remain constant in our commitment to sustainability and to making measurable year-on-year progress in many other areas as well. This dedication is reflected in our recent MSCI ESG rating - upgraded from AA to AAA and largely driven by improvements in our corporate governance and management of conflict minerals - and in the many achievements of our team members. Here are just a few examples:

2022 Accomplishments


In early 2022, to further our ESG mission and underscore NXP's commitment to advancing a better, more sustainable world, we created a Chief Sustainability Officer role and named Jennifer Wuamett to that position in an extension of her existing responsibilities as General Counsel and ESG Management Board Chair.

Green Innovation Bond

In May 2022, we issued a third Green Innovation Bond for $1 billion USD, allowing the broader community to invest in our sustainability activities. Our 2022 Green Innovation Bond Report shares how we applied the proceeds and, where feasible, provides insight regarding the potential impact on global sustainability.

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

To drive results and progress towards achieving our 2025 representation goals, we grew our executive women population by 3 percentage points over the prior year, and women in R&D roles increased by 2 percentage points in 2022, a year in which we grew our overall population by 11%. We also announced the creation of the NXP Diversity Council.

Human Rights

Our new Human Rights Policy reaffirms our steadfast commitment to all international labor and human-rights laws and norms, along with the business practices and technologies that contribute to protecting and respecting human rights worldwide.

Health and Safety

Providing our team members with a safe and healthy work environment remains a priority at NXP. In 2022, we conducted a global team-member safety survey, a follow-up to our 2019 survey, to seek feedback on opportunities for improvement. Overall, 94% of respondents said that safety concerns are a high priority for NXP, and 98% of respondents felt that safety starts with them. We will continue to address individual site opportunities based on the results. We maintained our low injury rate of 0.10 (per 100 employees/working hours), keeping us well below the semiconductor industry average.

Carbon Footprint

In 2022, we continued our efforts to limit the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs), and succeeded in reducing our normalized carbon footprint (Scope 1 and 2 emissions) by 9% compared to 2021. We also increased our renewable electricity usage from 31% in 2021 to 35% in 2022.

Looking Ahead

Innovation is an integral part of improving every aspect of daily life, whether it's how we manage our health and wellness, how we access goods, services, and information, or how we work and play.

That’s why I’m proud that at NXP, we bring together bright minds to create breakthrough technologies that make the connected world better, safer, and more secure.

We look forward to creating new possibilities and building innovative solutions that advance society and contribute to the sustainable future of our planet.

Kurt Sievers

President and CEO, NXP Semiconductors