Traffic Calming

Dear Queen’s Park Residents:

We’ve been advised by the City’s Engineering department that they will be starting work on implementing the full-time restriction of left turns from First Street onto Royal Avenue.  The City will be installing traffic delineators (same as the posts put in on Third St and Royal Ave) to prohibit drivers from turning left onto Royal.
You may recall this time last year, the City proposed this full-time left turn restriction in response to years of complaints from Queen’s Park residents about the illegal left turns (during 3pm – 7pm Monday to Friday) and the lack of enforcement by police.  There will be some residents inconvenienced by the left turn restriction, but for the sake of the neighbourhood as a whole, we agreed with the City’s decision to put in the traffic delineators on a temporary basis.  Decreasing the number of drivers cutting through our neighbourhood is a benefit to all of us, in terms of safety and livability.
The City will allow 6 – 8 months for traffic to adjust to these measures and after this trial period, data will be collected and analyzed and given to the QPRA.  We, in turn, will present these results to the residents and we can see if this traffic calming measure has the desired effect in reducing the number of drivers using our neighbourhood to avoid the traffic on Royal Avenue.  


Queen’s Park Resident Association


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