Dear Queen’s Park Residents,

We appreciate receiving a number of messages regarding the traffic counters and construction in the neighbourhood.

The data which is being collected at the moment will not be valid given the construction in the neighbourhood. We will arrange for follow up traffic counts once construction is completed.

Traffic counts are usually carried out city-wide in the spring and the fall in anticipation of the plans, strategies, policies, etc., that will be occurring. At this time there was a disconnect between the request for counts and planned construction work.

We hope this helps clarify the situation but please feel free to get in the touch with Gurtej Tung (gtung@newwestcity.ca), Engineering Outreach Coordinator or Jerry Behl (jbehl@newwestcity.ca), Transportation Engineer, if there are any questions.

Thank you,

Gurtej Tung  |  Engineering Outreach Coordinator

T 604 636 4316  |  E gtung@newwestcity.ca


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