New Westminster Secondary School Replacement Project

Archaeological Investigation Confirms Potential Buildable Locations for New NWSS

May 11, 2017 – The Province and the New Westminster School District have committed that no construction for the new NWSS Project will take place on any known burial area. To confirm areas available for construction, Golder Associates, on behalf of the School District, conducted a heritage investigation and archaeological impact assessment of the project site to determine buildable locations for the new school.

Based on both previous and our most recent studies, we are satisfied that there are no known burial areas in the location of the new school. Similarly, research also confirmed the area reviewed next to the location of the new school could be developed for uses such as parking, a maintenance building and playing fields.

Heritage management and archaeological monitoring will continue during the development of the new secondary school to ensure the proper preservation and management of any discovered archaeological materials.

As committed, other areas of the site previously confirmed as being associated with past cemetery use will be memorialized through a passive park and memorial area. The Memorialization Advisory Committee will be engaged in determining how best to memorialize these dedicated and protected areas of the site.

The full Archaeological Impact Assessment Interim Report will be made available, once the formal review process has been completed with identified First Nations groups and the Archaeology Branch. We anticipate the report will be available this summer.

Please see the NWSS sitemap attached to this email. For more information about the Project, visit

Contact: New Westminster School District


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