REVISED Draft – Constitution and Bylaws of the Queen’s Park Residents’ Association

(To be finalized at the next AGM – November 2016)

The residents of the Queen’s Park neighbourhood, believe that organizing a residents’ association would result in greater mutual benefits and understanding of thoughts and ideas and therefore achieve more effective actions. This association shall be called the Queen’s Park Residents’ Association, hereinafter the “QPRA”.
The purpose of the QPRA is to bring neighbours together to keep the Queen’s Park neighbourhood a green, safe, beautiful, historic, livable, single family neighbourhood. The QPRA seeks to enroll as members, a large percentage of residents so that the association can have a significant impact on the City of New Westminster, hereinafter the “City”.


a. All people of voting age residing in the QPRA neighbourhood are members.
b. The boundaries of the QPRA shall be those agreed upon by the City and the QPRA.
c. Members must register by providing their name, address, email address, and phone number by email, or on the QPRA website registration form, or at a general meeting.

a. The number of directors shall be a maximum of 12.
b. At the first meeting of the directors, following the AGM, the directors shall elect the officers.
c. The officers of the QPRA shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
d. The directors and officers of the QPRA shall serve a term of one year, commencing the day of the Annual General Meeting, hereinafter the “AGM”.
e. All directors and officers shall be considered as standing for reelection unless a resignation has been submitted.
f. Nominations for new directors can be submitted in writing to the President in advance of the AGM or nominated from the floor of the AGM. Nominated directors must be present at the AGM to be elected unless the AGM accepts an extenuating circumstance. The chair of the AGM shall seek the nominee’s consent to stand for election.
g. In the event the President resigns prior to the expiry of his/her term in office, the Vice-President shall be appointed President. If the Vice-President declines, the Secretary, or if the Secretary declines, the Treasurer is appointed. If no officer is willing or able to replace the President, a special general meeting is called within 60 days to elect a President.
h. The directors may by simple majority establish ad hoc committees to conduct the business of the QPRA, but such committees shall report to the directors.
i. Any director vacancies can be filled by the directors on an interim basis, subject to confirmation by the next general meeting.
j. If a director misses meetings and assigned duties, the directors will review the matter and may request the director to step down.
a. The QPRA shall hold an AGM for the election of directors and other business in November each year.
b. A quorum for conducting business at the AGM shall be 10 members present.
c. Members entitled to vote at the AGM must register a minimum of 30 days prior to the AGM.
d. The QPRA shall hold general meetings of members from time to time as called by the directors.
e. Any vote by ballot at any general meeting must provide the name, address and signature of the member to be valid.
f. The directors shall meet from time to time as decided by the directors.
g. Any director may call a meeting of the directors upon provision of a reasonable notice delivered and received by all the directors.
h. A quorum for conducting business at any directors’ meeting shall be a majority of the directors.

a. There shall be no fee to register or remain as a member of the QPRA, but from time to time a donation may be requested at general meetings to defray expenses.
b. All monies received shall be paid to the Treasurer and shall be administered by the directors.

a. This constitution may be amended by two-thirds of members present and entitled to vote at the AGM.
b. Notice of motion of all amendments must be given in writing by the mover and seconder three months prior to the AGM. Such notice of motion must be delivered to the President and copied to the Secretary.
c. The directors will undertake a review of the constitution and bylaws at least every five years. (Last review 2016).

a. Voting at meetings shall be by show of hands, by standing vote or by ballot.
b. Each eligible member entitled to vote shall have one vote.
c. Non-members may be recognized to speak at meetings, but are not entitled to make or speak to a motion.
d. The superior body of the QPRA is a general meeting. However, a general meeting can authorize a poll of members to be conducted by electronic voting. The directors may undertake such polling if time restraints exist. The directors, understanding the limits of electronic polling, will attempt to develop secure and valid polling measures. The results of any poll would have to consider and reflect those validity concerns.

President – The President shall preside as chair of all meetings of the QPRA and supervise all business or activities of the QPRA. The President shall sign or countersign all documents or contracts. The President shall conduct all correspondence and place on an agenda all business arising from the correspondence.
Vice-President—At the discretion of the President, or in his /her absence, the Vice-President shall be entitled to chair meetings of the QPRA and conduct all the duties of the President.
Secretary—The Secretary shall keep a factual record of all proceedings of general and directors’ meetings. The Secretary must be prepared to present minutes of general and directors’ meetings and keep a file of all minutes for reference.
Treasurer—The Treasurer shall receive and hold all monies of the QPRA, issue receipts and disburse funds, pay all accounts and retain statements of accounts for the QPRA. The Treasurer shall prepare a report for general and directors’ meetings. All funds to be disbursed must be approved by a general or directors’ meeting.

a. A general meeting can appoint committees as the need arises. Such committees shall present reports to the directors or general meetings as specified by the President. Such committees shall be discharged upon completion of their work. QPRA representatives must represent existing QPRA policy or seek a mandate for a new policy. The president is ex-officio a member of all committees.

All meetings of the QPRA are governed by Robert’s Rules of Order. (note appendix)

APPENDIX – Contains some of Robert’s Rules of Order
1. Business may be brought forward by members at a meeting or by written notice, the executive committee, committees, or from the floor. All business must be approved before acted upon or referred to the executive or committee for further study.
2. Members wishing to speak must obtain the floor and be recognized by the chair. Speakers should give their name.
3. Speakers must speak only once to a motion unless making a clarification with permission of the chair. Pro and con speakers have alternating opportunities to speak. The mover has the right of reply. The chair of the meeting may set time limits on speakers.
4. Motions must be seconded before a debate.
5. Motions not seconded must be declared lost by the chair and are not recorded.
6. Motions moved and seconded may be rescinded with unanimous consent of members present at a meeting.
7. A motion to reconsider may be made only by one who voted on the prevailing side. A motion to reconsider must be made during the meeting when it was decided (or the next succeeding day of the same session).
8. It is impossible to rescind or reconsider any action that has been taken as a result of a motion, but the unexecuted part may be rescinded. Notice must be given one meeting before the vote is taken, or if voted upon immediately, a two-thirds vote to rescind is necessary on the unexecuted part.
9. Motions may be amended. Amendments must be moved and seconded and dealt with in the order they are made. The chair will state the motion as amended before the vote.
10. Debate on a motion is closed after a speaker calls for the question to be put.
11. The order of business may be altered by motion of the meeting.


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