Urban Academy Update – Revised Proposal

Urban Academy has re-submitted a revised application for and OCP amendment and rezoning for their existing site, including the Manitoba site.

The process for Council consideration of development applications has changed. The UA application will first go to the Land Use and Planning Committee next Monday at 12 (noon). The agenda for this committee will be posted later this afternoon in the usual spot on the City’s website. The LUPC is a Council standing committee and includes three Councilors and the Mayor as Chair. The mandate of the LUPC is to make recommendations to Council on planning and land use matters.

Next Monday, the Committee will consider a staff report that introduces the project. The applicant (architect) will present the plans. Considering the history of the project, the City staff recommendation for the LUPC at this meeting is to obtain comments from the LUPC, and importantly to invite neighbourhood residents to a 30 minute delegation session at the next meeting of the LUPC. This time has been set aside (October 5, 2015 12-12:30) to provide comments directly to the committee.

The report is now posted in the Committee agendas if you wish to look at the plans:


The LUPC will not make a recommendation to Council until after they hear from the residents. The LUPC can ultimately recommend that the project goes ahead to the normal approvals process, go ahead with conditions, or that it not go ahead. The final decision on the application must come from Council.

Meetings of the LUPC are open to the public, so you are welcome to attend next Monday’s meeting at noon to listen to the deliberations.

Please note that in the event that this application moves forward, there will be other opportunities for consultation.  Should the LUPC direct staff to move forward with this application, the following
process for an OCP amendment and Rezoning Application would be undertaken, which

  1. LUPC Meeting to provide area residents an opportunity to appear as delegations
    and to respond to latest proposed concept;
  2. LUPC Report to Council regarding applications and revised development
  3. First Open house;
  4. Advisory Planning Commission review of the land use considerations;
  5. Update report to the LUPC and Council (including a summary of feedback
    received to date);
  6. Second open house;
  7. New Westminster Design Panel review of revised site design;
  8. Second Advisory Planning Commission Meeting;
  9. Preparation of OCP amendment and Rezoning amendment bylaw;
  10. Report to Council on Section 879 of the Local Government Act regarding
    consultation for the OCP amendment;
  11. Report to Council for first and second readings of the OCP amendment and
    Rezoning amendment Bylaws;
  12. Public hearing related to the proposed OCP amendment and Rezoning
    Amendment bylaws and consideration of third reading;
  13. Final adoption of OCP amendment bylaw.

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