Garage Height Variance 302 Fifth Street – Community Consultation

Community Consultation

The owners of 302 Fifth Street are currently applying to the City of New Westminster to build a garage that mimics the heritage character of their home. They would like to construct a gambrel style roof (barn roof) because their home has a similar design.  The owners are asking the City for a small height variance (3 feet) so that they can properly design the roof pitch to be similar to the home.  An outline of their plan is attached below.  Note that the owners state that the false window in the design is just a description the designer used. There will not be a second storey on top of the garage. They will be designing the trusses in a way so that the space is not usable (suitable by people).

Garage Letter for 302 Fifth St, New Westminster

If you wish to provide comments or feedback on the proposal to the QPRA, please use the CONTACT form, accessible from the menu above.  Please respond by August 13th, 2015.


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