Supporting New Applications

With the advent of IoT, our accelerometers are now at the forefront supporting applications for automotive, healthcare, industrial and IoT, as well as other wearable and home applications.

Central ECU

Our central ECU accelerometers can be used for automotive safety and non-safety applications within the car, such as vehicle dynamics.


Increase security and battery life in keyless entry using our ultra-low power AEC-Q100 qualified inertial sensors.


Support specific automotive bus standards such as PSI5 or DSI3 interfaces. They are AEC-Q100 ASIL-B qualified and cover embedded safety mechanisms.

High Performance

Our high-performance sensors have high frequency sampling rate with ultra-low noise output data. This class of accelerometers can be leveraged for machine condition detection, machine learning and other industrial applications.

Low Power

Many applications, such as IoT, require lower energy consumption to extend battery life and remove the need for a recharging solution. Our ultra-low power sensors enable innovative designs.